Monday, May 7, 2012

Mothers' Day Cards

Mothers' Day is coming and that means that the kiddos need to make a plethora of cute, easy to do cards. Here is what we are doing:
Circle coffee filters
Construction paper
WASHABLE markers
Water spray bottle

1. Have the kids color the coffee filters with as many colors of washable markers as possible. Make sure they color on all parts of the filter. The filters don't have to be completely colored in, but there needs to be some marker on all parts of it. Kate did polka dots while coloring this time, which worked really well for this project.

2. Outside (or a place that you don't care if washable marker gets dripped on), have the kids spray the coffee filters with water. The colors will immediately start to run into each other. Some color will run off of the filters.

3. While coffee filters are drying (they took about 15 minutes on a warm day outside), have the kids decorate the insides of the cards. For the cards, I just folded a piece of construction paper in half. You can also use cardstock. I had Kate copy "Happy Mothers' Day" and then write her name on the inside.

4. Bunch the dried coffee filters into either a butterfly shape or a flower shape. I used a rubber band to tie the butterfly, but you can also use string or a pipe cleaner. Using all-purpose or craft glue, glue the flowers or butterfly onto the front of the card. I chose to do this step to make sure that they were securely glued to the paper.

5. Decorate with pre-cut stems and leaves or have the child draw a scene to finish it off.

This is a SUPER easy, fun to do craft that can be adapted to all different ages. The youngest child that did this project with me was 1 and the oldest was 8. They all love to use the spray bottle to spray the coffee filters and I think the results are fantastic.

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