Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speaking of Field Trips

Speaking of field trips, we went on our last "real" field trip of the school year. The kids, grandma and I all went to the zoo. It was a ton of fun! We have been learning a lot about different zoo animals, so it was great to see them in real life and in action.

While there, we got to feed the giraffes. The kids found the super crazy giraffe tongues to be very silly. Totally worth the cost of $2 for lettuce... even though I could buy an entire bag of lettuce for about the same price.

We also fed and held lorikeets. If you do this at your zoo or aquarium, be careful... one of the lorikeets was mean and nipped at my hand when I tried to feed it the nectar. I maturely said to this bird, "Fine! Be that way! I'll give the nectar to a bird who deserves it!" This little birdie definitely deserved it. Look how sweet Kate looks with the bird on her arm.

I also decided on our science unit for the summer... ocean animals. The kids all LOVED the small aquarium at the zoo and have enjoyed learning about these amazing creatures in the past. I figured summer will be a perfect time for this unit. The fact that I wanted to be a marine biologist for most of my life has NOTHING to do with this decision... I swear....

And finally, the best picture taken of the day... three little monkeys sitting on a bench....

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