Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time to Tell Time!

Today, Benjamin began the telling time section of his math curriculum. We started simply with just telling time to the o'clock. I used a large-sized foam clock (thank-you Target dollar section) and talked about the big hand and the small hand. I also have found that writing "o'clock" at the top of the clock helps him to remember.

Ben really seemed to understand how to tell time to the hour when presented with the foam clock. So, off to the book work he went. He did great! The second book page had a mock-schedule for a little boy named Matthew. After reading about Matthew and what he does at different times, I decided that we needed to make Benjamin's schedule.

First, I printed out a blank clock worksheet from the internet. I also folded a piece of construction paper into sixths to create a box for each event.  I had Benjamin tell me what happens throughout the day and what times he does them at.  Ben drew the hands on the clocks to the times that events happen and then he glued them on the construction paper. I printed out the digital times that go with the analog times and he matched and pasted those correctly. Then, he dictated the sentences describing each time and I wrote them out for him. The result was a very cute Benjamin schedule.

He has been just a little obsessed with swimming since all of the pools are opening around here. He insisted that I needed to add swimming as his 12:00 event and that we were going to do that today. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go since his brother was home from school with a fever. That's when we got into a lesson about flexible scheduling...

Tomorrow, we are going to be working with telling time to the half hour. I am really hoping that he won't be confused since he did so incredibly well today with telling time to the hour. Here's hoping!

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