Tuesday, September 25, 2012

He did it!!

Ok... so a while back, I posted about how as a parent of special needs kids, I am fortunate enough to get to celebrate the little things that most people take for granted. This is one of those things...

Today, Benjamin wanted to play bubbles outside with his sister. Usually, that means that we get out our super duper bubble blower and they pop them, or he watches his sister blow bubbles. When he tries, he quickly gets frustrated and gives up. His motor skills make it very difficult to blow hard enough and directly enough to actually get the bubbles to form.

Today, however, he was determined. He wanted to blow bubbles. So, we worked on the dipping and wiping first and then I showed him again how to blow. He immediately did what he did before and blew incorrectly. I told him to watch my mouth closely and try it again. He did, and guess what?!???!? He blew bubbles!!!! You have no idea how excited both of us were. He did it! After years of trying and not succeeding, he finally was able to do it!! He blew bubbles over and over again with various levels of success. But, the thing is that he is finally able to do it! Hooray for Benjamin!!!

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