Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Am I Forgetting Something??

Sorry for the disappearance recently from my blog. I have been super busy with a last minute Disneycruise vacation (I know... poor me...), stomach bug that hit everyone in the house (actually poor me), 2 groups of out of town visitors, and the start of the new school year. Top that off with the cold now circulating through my house and you get the idea of how crazy I have been recently.

School is off to a TREMENDOUS start! Benjamin is totally rocking the homeschool thing. Decreasing the amount of out of the house activities has really helped him to get focused and complete his schooling in record time. I have also implemented a positive rewards chart system for his schooling. Everyday, I write the activities that we are supposed to complete in a chart. He chooses the order he wants to complete them in and then we cross them off when we are done. When he has completed his chart for the entire day, he gets a sticker on his sticker chart. When that chart is filled up (ours has 27 spaces), then he gets to get a prize. He is completely motivated and finishes all of his work in about 2 hours a day!!! I am SHOCKED that he can get everything done this quickly.

Ben on the first day of school at his new desk in our schoolroom.
Since he gets all of his work done so quickly, it makes me think that I might be forgetting something. I mean... we are doing math, extra math, vocabulary, handwriting, phonics, reading, social studies, and science along with thematic unit work. We have done 1-2 small art projects a week. I haven't started our writing for the year yet and have been using computer programs for spelling and Spanish. He has social skills tutoring, piano, Bible study, AWANA and gymnastics outside of our house. We are doing a special geography project once a month. We are making good progress in all of his curriculum. It seems like a well-rounded curriculum and once I write it all down, it seems like he is doing a lot. But, we are finishing quickly.  Is this a common homeschooling phenomenon or am I forgetting something?

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