Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Projects

Our first unit in social studies this year is about families. As a supplement to the basic curriculum, I thought it would be great for Ben and Kate to make books all about their families. They kids loved telling the stories about their family members and loved reading the completed books over and over again. They turned out so cute! It's definitely one of those projects that is going to go in my "save" folder for the year.

To make books:

  • Fold a sheet of regular construction paper in half horizontally.
  • Fold multiple sheets of white paper in half and put them inside. Make sure that there are enough pages for every family member. Remember that the sheets of paper will be folded in half to get the right number of pages.
  • Staple the folded ends together and voila! Inexpensive books! I am definitely going to be using them a whole lot more this year.
The Project:
  • First, print out small pictures (we used 2x3 size) of each family member.
  • Cut them out and paste one picture per book page. 
  • Either have the child dictate or write about each family member on each page (depending on their ability). Since Kate is just in preschool and Benjamin cannot write well, they pretty much dictated their stories. I required more on Benjamin's pages and required him to write one word on each page. Kate only had to write the title and her name, but spent the rest of the time decorating the pages once finished.
  • Share with family!!

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