Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jumping Math!!

For math, we are learning about using a number line to add and subtract. Ben is great at memorizing math facts and great at using manipulatives, but he has had a really tough time grasping the number line concept. We have done lots of different things with the number line, but he found the activities either uninteresting or frustrating. It is just easier for him to regurgitate the answer, so he doesn't want to do the work. 

One really nice Fall morning, I decided that we were going to do as much schoolwork as possible outside. I decided to draw a number line on the ground using sidewalk chalk and have Benjamin work on his addition and subtraction by jumping from square to square. He LOVES jumping now. I would show him a math problem flash card and then have him stand on the top number. Then, he had to decide if he had to jump forward or backward on the number line and also how many spaces. Suddenly, the concept clicked.  I have a feeling we will be playing "math hopscotch" a lot more often. Here's a picture of him doing some problems. I wish I did math this way when I was a kid :-)

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