Thursday, October 25, 2012

Legos Education (part 2)

For the boys' birthday, we got them another set from the Legos education line.  This one is a construction set that is a precursor to their more advanced robotics lines. We purchased it on 50% off clearance at the same time as the math set with an understanding that it was what the boys were getting for their birthday. All I have to say is WOW these sets are AWESOME and if I see anymore of these things on clearance, I am definitely going to pick them up.

We broke open this set the day after their birthday when we had nothing else really planned for the day. All three kids spent 3 hours playing with these. They built things, took them apart and built new things. There were enough for 2 kids easily, but with 3, there were some fights over certain parts.

The great thing is that they screw together so that they don't come apart easily. It works on their fine motor skills and makes it super easy for them to build what they want. My boys really love trucks. Andrew was able to build an excavator and put tracks on them, just like he always wanted to with regular Legos, but was unable to with his fine motor limitations. This set comes with idea cards if you want your kids to use them, but my kids preferred to just build on their own.

Anyway, here are their Lego creations.

Not sure what this is supposed to be.
She is my "creative" child.

It's a rescue helicopter!!

It's a tracked giant excavator!!

Oh... and if you are curious about how big the box is, this should give you an idea. It's big enough for a small 8 year old to fit in... sorta. 

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