Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homeschooling Frustrations

GRRRR... it has been one of those days for homeschooling. One of those days that you want to throw in the towel and completely give up. One of those days that you ask yourself why you are doing it. Days like today are frustrating and infuriating.

But, really... I am not all that surprised. Last week was Spring Break. Andrew was home from school and I was in Vegas for a girls-only long weekend trip with family. During the time that I was gone, the kids got a cold. Ben's turned into an ear infection which had a high fever and then because of that fever, two seizures. Needless to say, NO schoolwork was done last week. No schoolwork was done Monday or yesterday. So, this morning, with Ben's fever gone and with him back to his normal self, I immediately felt like I needed to "catch up" for the time off and get back on track. I am feeling the pressure and neither of us is really all that motivated to do the work.

It started off great until I said the dreaded "M" word. Ben HATES math. Sneaking math into other subjects is how I generally get around this, but there are some math concepts that he is really having a difficult time with and I decided to focus on those today. Thus begins our battle. Ben refused to do his work, shushed me, and was being all around obnoxious. Put Kate (who is looking for the Mommy attention that she has been missing with me out of town) in the situation and I was quickly to my breaking point and so was Ben. It ended with me teaching very little (even though there was LOTS of attempts), Ben learning very little, and both of us angry with each other.

My solution for right now: BREAK TIME!! Ben is off practicing piano for enrichment and Kate is playing in her room. Me... I am checking Facebook and writing this blog entry to cool down. I have learned that sometimes, the battle just isn't worth it. What's important is that he learns what he needs to in math for this year... not that he complete the page in his math curriculum on the day that I had it planned for him. Now, if only I could keep that in mind while in the midst of the full out battle of wills that occurs on days like today. Sometimes, a break is all that is needed. We will tackle it again after enrichment while Kate is down for a much needed nap and Andrew is doing his homework. And just maybe, I will bring out the M&Ms to use as manipulatives and increase Ben's motivation.

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