Monday, January 2, 2012

Gaining confidence!

I pulled out the language book this morning and reviewed nouns and started working with verbs. I am loving the new grammar book that we are using. It is really set up for Ben in a way that makes it easy for him to understand. What's awesome is that HE wanted to do the writing today. I was SHOCKED. He usually avoids attempting to write at all costs. But, I think that the confidence that he has gained with writing since I started homeschooling him has paid off. He wanted to write and for the first time ever, completed the assignment without having to glue, stamp, etc. He wrote the words... and also learned to copy them letter for letter so that they were spelled correctly. This was HUGE for him. I honestly can't even believe that he wanted to do it. I have gotten so used to him fighting anything that had anything to do with writing and him panicking when I even suggested that he write the answers to his assignments.

Yes, he needs to work on his grip. I corrected it a few times while he was writing, but it was more important to me that he felt successful. For the most part, I let it go. 

All of the writing was done completely independently! What a difference a few months can make!


  1. Oh sorry about that. I meant to put in the name of the book. It is Core Skills, Language Arts, Grade 1 by Steck-Vaughn School Supply. I found it at a teacher supply store (can't remember which one), and it is the same publisher and same type of book as his reading comprehension book. I really like the way that it lays everything out step by step. I have added in my own reviews and lessons on top of it, but overall, it is great.