Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animal Classification

We are starting to learn about animals this month. One of the topics presented in his science curriculum was categorizing animals. Once again, I scored at the Target dollar section! At the beginning of the school year, I picked up a bunch of card sorts that I thought looked interesting and like a lot of fun. We have used them for lots of different activities. I just happened to have a pack called, "Animal Card Sorts" and in it they had all of the categories that I was looking for. Ben and I have been talking a lot about the different categories, so I thought this would be a great hands-on way to check his comprehension. He loved it! He also had very little trouble figuring out which category each animal went into. Of course, the difficult ones were the mammals that swim in the ocean (he thought they were fish) and the amphibians that look a lot like reptiles. But, really, I don't blame him. So, anyway, here he is sorting his cards!

The finished sort.
As part of our study on animals, we will be studying dinosaurs and sea animals. We have already begun our unit on dinosaurs and I am having a blast learning right along with him. 

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