Monday, March 12, 2012


Our original penguin unit ended up turning into an elephant unit courtesy of Benjamin. So, after going to the library, we decided that we would finally learn about penguins. Benjamin was very excited to get started.

Today's activity was loads of fun! I drew pictures of different penguins (I am NOT an artist) on a roll of paper and made them the actual height of the penguins. I then had Ben measure each penguin and decide which one was which. I had three penguins and three post-it notes with penguin names on them. Before the activity, we looked at a chart in our penguin book on the different types of penguins and what their average heights were. Ben simply measured and then matched the post-it to the picture. We then talked about which penguin was the tallest, which one was taller/shorter than the other and found out if the penguins were taller than the kids. Kate thought it was neat that the Emperor penguin was just about as big as she is.


Kate's the same size (almost)!

Ben is taller!

My lovely penguins. Art is NOT my thing...

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