Monday, December 12, 2011

Writing Time!

Benjamin's fine motor skills make writing exceptionally difficult. What I do for his journaling is have him dictate a sentence/paragraph based on a given topic. I write it on the white board as he is speaking. He then listens as I read it back to him and corrects it if he thinks there are any errors. He then comes up with a name. I rewrite it in his journal and then he has to illustrate it. I have really been amazed at his illustrations considering his fine motor limitations. He is also really proud of them.

Ben's drawing of Ben and Mommy holding hands.
Benjamin's drawing of a firetruck.
Today, I asked him to write a caption under his illustration. He wrote "presents!" I am so excited that he is starting to write letters on his own without having to trace them. More importantly is that he is gaining confidence with his writing.

The word "presents" and a picture of a present.
I am hoping that in the second half of the school year that I can get him to write more on his own. I also want to be more diligent with his journalling and make it a daily activity. 


  1. Have you considered typing for him? I am sure you have...i just wondered if he might be able to type simple short stories that way too. I love that you homeschool and enjoy your posts.

  2. I have considered typing, actually. Andrew types at school and learned how to type this summer (although he is still pretty slow and likes to use just one hand). I have contemplated starting Ben with it too, but I have spent most of our time focusing on learning how to print. Now that he doesn't fight it as much, I feel like I can add in typing. The last thing that I want is for him to decide that he is not going to learn how to write because he can type.

  3. I agree, writing is just as important. :-)