Friday, November 4, 2011

A Special Halloween

Like all kids, my boys get super excited about their Halloween costumes every year. They start talking about them months in advance. My husband, also starts talking about their Halloween costumes months in advance. However, his reasoning is that it takes literally months for him to build their costumes.

Andrew's in a wheelchair most of the time. He can't trick-or-treat by walking up to the doors. Unfortunately, many people see the wheelchair and won't see the kid wearing the costume in it. My husband's solution: build his wheelchair into the coolest costume in the neighborhood. 

Last year, Andrew wanted to be a construction worker. My husband decided to make him a bulldozer to go with it. He could move the bulldozer and use the scoop. He LOVED it and it was definitely the hit of the neighborhood.
Andrew as a bulldozer, 2010

Benjamin was a firefighter last year and after seeing Andrew's bulldozer, decided that he wanted a fire truck. So, Benjamin was a firefighter again this year and Daddy built him his very own (gigantic) fire truck. Ben and Kate rode in the fire truck the entire night, lights flashing and all.

This year, Andrew wanted to be Wall-E, one of his favorite Pixar characters. Daddy quickly sketched up a Wall-E costume.  Once again, he could maneuver it on his own. It had flashlight eyes, moving arms and a working trash chute. Andrew would open up his door and say "trick or treat" and have his basket waiting for people to put candy in.

Andrew had a cooler than cool costume that everybody noticed. He got lots of attention and loved talking to people as he went down the street. Overall, it was a successful Halloween. The problem: My husband is going to want to try and top this next year....

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  1. Those are the cutest costumes Ive ever seen! Aaron is really talented. I know the children must have had a great time. You are a great writer Trisha! Good Luck with your blog!